If you want to do business in the igaming affiliate market, meet new affiliates, take time to help develop your best performing affiliates, or if you are an affiliate and want to know which affiliate managers can offer you the best deals and see what your competitors are doing, then this is the event for you.

With two conference rooms, BAC and FPE offers delegates a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and opportunities in this profitable market. There will be a full day of SEO sessions covering PPC, link building, the latest on Google updates and much more. BAC 2017 will aim to improve your business strategy, discover what really drives conversions, improve your SEO and lots more. All of that in two days of back to back learning and networking.

The Dragon Days is an annual speculative fiction festival that takes place in Stuttgart. It features fantastic content in different media types. As a transmedial festival, the Dragon Days therefore link different media such as computer games, literature, art, comics and film in interactive events. It is created both for professionals and a broad audience. Since 2013 the Swabian Lindwurm, the prize for outstanding achievements for the fantastic, has also been given to selected representatives of the creative speculative fiction. “Speculative fiction” includes, in addition to the fantasy genre, horror and science fiction, and can therefore be applied to a broader range of content. The main aim of the Dragon Days is to offer qualitative content instead of only bringing new great names to Stuttgart.

Zelt-Musik-Festival is the largest and oldest music festival in Baden-Württemberg. Since 1983, the three-week festival in Freiburg im Breisgau has introduced a colorful program that combines music, art, theater, cabaret and sports. This festival features a free entry to its territory, where there are a few scenes with a free program. Guests can enter the two large tents and two additional open-air tents.

A huge area on the outskirts of Augsburg is allocated for the folk festival Plarrer. In the fenced park there are a lot of tents, shops, and most importantly, attractions. High point of the festival are the colorful fireworks. Initially this fest had been held once a year, but because of the great popularity, it was decided to hold it twice – for two weeks each.

Street festival Heidelberg Fall is arranged every year on the last Saturday of September. Here there are musical performances of different genres. This festival features the Medieval Fair, where visitors can find a bathhouse and a tavern. At the end of the day the entire Old Town turns into one big open-air concert, where there is a  place for everyone.

Oktoberfest Hanover is an annual festival, which follows the Munich Oktoberfest,and which takes place at the Schützenplatz Hannover and lasts for 17 days. Around 120 exhibitors are represented with a variety of rides, camper vans, roller coasters, ferris wheel,  and the usual dining and sales stands at Hanover’s Oktoberfest. At the Oktoberfest Hannover, there are some large tents, five smaller tents and several beer gardens. Traditionally, among variety of drinks there is Hanover beer, brewed by the private brewery, which is only available at the Oktoberfest in Hanover.

Nibelungen Theatre Festival is traditionally held at the stage in front of the Worms Cathedral. From the beginning, the festival was successful, and it is one of the most famous open-air festivals now. Worms is inextricably linked with the German legend of the Nibelungen – the famous epic poem written by an unknown author in the beginning of the 13th century.

The Impuls Festival is first and new pop cultural festival in Passau. About 30 concerts will take place. In addition to the concerts, 20 workshops will provide information on the subject of pop culture. The festival is focused on the training of musicians in knowledge industry,  the workshops “media law” or “booking and tourmanagement” are offered among other things.

The Mayday is an event of electronic music, which takes place annually in the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund. It is regarded as the largest Indoor-Rave in Germany with from 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per year. Mayday is a epical movement, in which you feel an active participant! It is a union of thousands of people on the dance floor, who are driven by the only idea!

Meissen Wine Festival lasts three days. At the Market Square there is wine tasting of the best masters of the region. Here you can find Saxon white wine, which is quite difficult to find in other areas of Europe. Therefore, wine connoisseurs prefer not to miss this event. And program of the festival consists of a concert program that it is quite possible to call even a musical one.