Once a year in Berlin casino owners from all over the country gather to discuss the laws and regulation affecting gambling in Germany. With such strict stance, Germany is always criticized by EU but the things never change. Abbreviated as BAC this conference each year highlights the issues which are being faced by gambling industry during the course of their operation. In fact, many gamblers throughout the world today prefer online entertainment option – in particular, they can select trusted operators on popular reviewing websites like svenskkasinon.se listing of casino and slots.

Why did this conference convened?

Germany is one of the very few places in the world where the casino regulations are very tight and strict. It ensures that the best outcome is generated for the economy and more revenue is generated. With every passing day, the government is taking strict measures to make sure that this financial sector is properly taxed and regulations are imposed to curb illegal money transfer. Till 2008 the online gambling in Germany was not regulated at all and for the same reason, the country was visited by millions to turn their black money to white. It not only hampered the economy but Germany became notorious for protecting illegal money through gambling and casinos. Interstate Treaty on Gambling was then passed in 2008 which regulated the money control and strict regulations were also introduced. Leading to the foundation of several online and offline casino to aware the public this bill also laid foundation of Berlin Affiliate Conference. Online gambling is outlawed in Germany and it is only the area of Schleswig-Holstein where two dozen casino operators provide services.

What does BAC offer?

The Berlin affiliate conference makes sure that the partners of the casinos also get an insight on how casinos work and what measures should be taken to maximize their profits. The affiliates also present proposals to ensure how online casinos in Germany can maximize their profits. There are several other organizations interlinked with BAC to make sure that the effect is far reaching.

Financial Partners Expo

FPE has been regulated by the government to increase the revenue of online casinos. BAC operates as a part of FPE and almost 4000 delegates from all over Europe and the world attend this conference. These delegates are presented with the ideas to increase their success and how to apply regulations when it comes to gambling. Affiliate managers from renowned casinos are also invited to present ways and means to curb the issues which are related to revenue decrease. These managers present affiliates with ways and techniques to market the gambling products in the most presentable manner.

Curbing financial thefts

Anti-money laundering is something that is associated to BAC. FPE has directed all the zones of BAC in different parts of Europe to present the casinos with ways and means to curb money laundering. This is also related to the implementation of systems which can be used to detect such issues. Reporting systems are also presented by various companies from all over the world which can be integrated to get good use of. BAC can be regarded as the backbone of casino industry when it comes to financial regulations. Earnings from casinos legitimately while in Germany are the key points covered by BAC.